For 19 years, BWN has been growing it's roster and matches but this year is the biggest ever by far as the first featuring the new website that allows unlimited streaming!


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Among the many great acquisitions and relationships established for Anniversary Month, Brandon Karson as the surprise host throughout the month is one of the sweetest. Brandon Karson's career exploded onto the scene with his starring role in "About Him" on YouTube as a young man lovestruck with a crush on a bisexual friend of his brother's played by Gary Lavard (who has since wrestled for BWN as well). Since then, Brandon has gone on to do a lot more work with several other production companies and has dramatically grown his social media presence and become an increasingly well-known social media influencer and personality. Having him host all month long is a special treat and will take the form of a show each and every Monday previewing the new matches for that week.

But the real MVP of the 19 Year Anniversary is the new website. Literally years in the making and design, the new site offers a combination of access that no other company in the industry offers: DVDs, downloads, and unlimited streaming of all matches. Best of all, no paid membership is required for the first two options. And the unlimited streaming of every match ever shot? Available for as little as $9.95 for a Day Pass after applying a $10 coupon for signing up for text messages. And for Anniversary Month, BWN is also offering One and Two Week Passes for one time, non-recurring charges of only $29 and $39 respectively. 

On top of all that, throughout Anniversary Month there will be THREE matches released PER WEEK and huge matches like Mustang vs. Doom for the Undisputed Championship, Tiger defending his Lightweight strap, multiple debuts including Krave and Kurve along with highly anticipated matches from Black Chino, Samson, and Punisher. Legends Storm, Romeo, and Inferno return and fan favorite Snake is in action more than one once during the month. Fetish returns for Elijah, and the huge Achilles gets fully naked for the first time ever!

All of it is made possible by our loyal fans many of which are proud to say they've been with us from the very beginning. BWN looks forward to producing more matches in increasingly interesting scenarios as our fans keep watching, downloading, commenting and chatting! Also: Friday nights we have Live Chats at the website.

Finally, for the release schedule check out our updated Calendar on the website under the News section.

This is the biggest BWN Anniversary Month ever! Keep watching for more surprises!


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